ENVIP Program

ENVIP’2013 is being organised as a workshop with short and focused 10 minutes presentations in “Lightning Talk” style, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_talk - followed by a joint discussion on the topic of the session. The objective of the discussion is to arrive on a recommendation within the topic area from the ENVIP community.

1000 – 1120 (80 minutes) – Session 1: ENVIP Requirements and consolidation - for Open and Linked Data and Services (Session lead Denis Havlik, Arne J. Berre)

“Environmental Infrastructures and Platforms with Citizens Observatories and Linked Open Data “, Arne J. Berre, Sven Schade, Dumitru Roman (Paper in main ISESS’2013 proceedings)

“SERVUS – Collaborative Tool Support for Agile Requirements Analysis”, Thomas Usländer, Thomas Batz and Hylke van der Schaaf

“COS and land use planning: Open data towards planning efficiency”, Raquel Antunes Saraiva, Bruno Meneses, Maria Vale and Rui Reis

“Linked Open Data for Environment Protection in Smart Regions – The SmartOpenData Project”, Phil Archer, Karel Charvat, Mariano Navarro De La Cruz, Carlos A. Iglesias, John O'Flaherty, Tomás Robles and Dumitru Roman

“Ubicity framework for crowd sourcing and crowd tasking”, Jan van Oort and Denis Havlik (also for demo in the break from 1120 to 1140)

DISCUSSION: “Services and components for Environmental Platform and Infrastructure - towards the usage of Open and Linked Data and Services”

ISESS’2013 Regular Session – S1 - Environmental Application in the scope of the Future Internet (Session lead Mano Rönkkö)
1140 – 1300 (80 minutes) –: Part of the regular ISESS’2013 program

ENVIROFI - Bringing Biodiversity to the Future Internet (Katharina Schleidt, Nina Laurenne, Andrea Giacomelli, and Denis Havlik)

Enabling the Future Internet for Environmental Information Systems(Thomas Usländer, Arne J. Berre, Carlos Granell, Denis Havlik, José Lorenzo, Zoheir Sabeur, and Stefano Modafferi)

Dynamic Data Driven Ensemble for Wildfire Behaviour Assessment: A Case Study(Margherita Di Leo, Daniele de Rigo, Dario Rodriguez-Aseretto, Claudio Bosco, Thomas Petroliagkis, Andrea Camia, Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz)

1300-1400: LUNCH BREAK

1400-1520 (80 minutes) – Session 2: ENVIP for Environmental Service Composition and Data Fusion (Session lead Arne J. Berre, Denis Havlik)

“Enabling Access to Environmental Models, Data, and Services on the Web – Technical Results Summary from the ENVISION Project”, Dumitru Roman, Tertre Francois, Alejandro Llaves, Miha Grcar, Maja Skrjanc, Ioan Toma, Michael Pantazoglou, Silviu Trasca, Nils Rune Bodsberg and Morten Borrebæk

“NRG4Cast – Energy forecasting for electrical cars, municipalities and city districts”, Maja Skrjanc, Mitja Jermol, Kostas Kalaboukas

“SUDPLAN services available after FP7 and their possible future use”, Sascha Schlobinski and Lars Gidhagen

“Overview of the FP7 Project EO2HEAVEN ''Earth observation and environmental modeling for the mitigation of health risks”, Kym Watson, Jose Lorenzo and Ingo Simonis

“Mobile Community Observatories in the Future Internet”, Zoheir Sabeur, Lee Middleton, Panos Melas and Stefano Modafferi

DISCUSSION: “Services and components for an Environmental Platform and Infrastructure for Semantic annotation/tagging, service composition and data fusion – Exploiting results from projects from FP7 Objective 6.4 and beyond”


1540-1700 (80 minutes) - Session 3: ENVIP for Citizens observatories and crowd sourcing (Session lead Bart De Lathouwer, Arne J. Berre)

“enviroCar – Crowd Sourced Traffic and Environment Data for Sustainable Mobility”, Simon Jirka, Albert Remke and Arne Bröring

“Using 3D Urban Information Models to aid simulation, analysis and visualisation of data for Smart City web services (i-SCOPE)”, Wilson, P. Parslow, F. Prandi, R. de Amicis, Martin Ford, and S. Cadzow

“A practical approach to an integrated citizens' Observatory: The CITI-SENSE framework”, Mike Kobernus, Arne J. Berre, Richard Rombouts, Mirjam Fredriksen, Marta Gonzalez

“Development of an Environmental Information System for Odour using Citizen and Technology Innovative Sensors and Advanced Modelling”, Giovanna Grosso, Ulrich Uhrner, Anne-Claude Romain, Virginie Hutsmekers, Julien Delva, Wolfgang Kunz, Arnaud De Groof, Yannick Arnaud, Philippe Valloggia, Laurence Johannsen, Bernard Stevenot and Philippe Ledent

”COBWEB – Citizen Observatory Framework with Access Management Federation“, Bart De Lathouwer

DISCUSSION: “Services and components for a Citizens’s Observatories Platform and Infrastructure with Crowd sourcing and Participatory Sensing”

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