Project Details

Project Acronym: PESCADO
Full Name: Personalized Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration
Runtime: Jan 2010 - Dec 2012
Link to Website:

Short Description

In the present-day Europe, with its well-established national air quality and meteorological networks, there are solid ties between the air quality and meteorological agencies and seemingly well-connected data distribution networks. However, there is an increasing need for the orchestration of environmental services spread across the Web in order to provide users with personalised decision support or tailored environmental information. PESCaDO aims to meet this need for environmental service orchestration. It will offer an interconnected multipurpose environmental user-oriented service for a federated community of citizens, public services (such as tourist offices and environmental institutions), public administrations, and entrepreneurs active in sectors sensitive to environmental conditions.

Adressed Research Fields


  • advance in the area of the orchestration of distributed environmental services for user-oriented decision support purposes;
  • be able to set up and realize, to the users’ satisfaction, realistic pilot use cases in which the necessity of user-oriented decision support during orchestration of distributed environmental services becomes apparent.

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