The following are some projects that currently are relevant in the scope of ENVIP activities:

Citizens Observatories with Environmental data

  • CobWeb
  • Citclops
  • WeSenseIt
  • Omniscientis

Citizen Science projects


Environmental Open Data projects


The following projects has earlier contributed to ENVIP activities:

Recently Finished Projects with relevant results - Best Practices
• ENVISION (website)
ENVIronmental Services Infrastructure with Ontologies
• NETMAR (website)
Open service network for marine environmental data
• OEPI (website)
Exploring and Monitoring Any Organisation's Environmental Performance Indicators
• PESCADO (website)
Personalized Environmental Service Configuration and Delivery Orchestration
• SUDPLAN (website)
Sustainable Urban Development Planner for Climate Change Adaptation
• TATOO (website)
Tagging Tool based on a Semantic Discovery Framework
• UncertWeb (website)
The Uncertainty Enabled Model Web
• UrbanFlood (website)
Building an Early Warning System Framework for European Cities
• GENESIS (website)
GENeric European Sustainable Information Space for environment
• ICT-ENSURE (website)
ICT for Environmental Sustainability Research
• ENVIROFI (website)
The Environmental Observation Web and its Service Applications within the Future Internet
• EO2HEAVEN (website)
Environmental Earth Observation and Environmental Modelling for the Mitigation of Health Risks
• … other national, European and International projects and activities …

Ongoing and emerging Projects on Citizens Observatories with VGI and Crowd sourcing

CITI-SENSE - Development of Sensor-based Citizens' Observatory Community for Improving Quality of Life in Cities,

WeSenseIt - Citizen Observatory of Water,

COBWEB - Citizen Observatory Web,

Citclops - Citizens' Observatory for Coast and Ocean Optical Monitoring,

OMNISCIENTIS - Odour Monitoring and Information System based on Citizen and Technology Innovative Sensors,

“Mapping and the citizen sensor”,


Others …

Ongoing and emerging Projects on Environmental Systems with Linked Open Data

GeoKnow - Geospatial Data and the Semantic Web ,

Linked Geo Data,


Others …

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